Andy Oldroyd


I am a software engineer, based in Cambridge in the UK, with a focus on successfully delivering innovative technologies to the enterprise.

Helping to run the innovation team, I create proof of concepts then, presuming this has proven business value, work on creating a plan for delivering them into production in a sustainable and manageable way. Some of the solutions are maintained entirely in-house, other times I'll create the architecture and work with third parties to deliver the platform.

Delivering disruptive technologies into companies requires taking on many roles. I've got hands-on experience with business analysis, software engineering, R&D, service design, and cloud platforms.

Usually I'll be doing full-stack development, creating both the back and front end of applications. I've got experience working with a number of different languages and frameworks, but most commonly use JavaScript, C#, and Python.

I have a passion for trying to push the boundaries using new technologies, especially if there is a chance for it to make a positive difference in the world.

Recent Work Projects

  • Using Virtual Reality To Enhance Training
    I created a bespoke VR experience to supplement training within a factory. With VR it's possible to enable an engaging learning experience that provides confidence and muscle memory without the trainee ever being physically at the machine. Moreover, the costly but essential exercise of taking machines off-line for training purposes is also avoided.
  • Machine Learning - Classification Of Support Data
    My company has a large amount of incident data logged against our various services. Unfortunately, a large number of these were labelled as "other", which is not good from a maintenance point of view. Using just the title and description text I've created a model that can assign the correct service to the call.
  • Machine Learning - Brand Analysis In The News
    I have designed a tool to help determine how a brand (company or product) is being perceived in news articles. It scans for articles based on keywords, then applies various NLP techniques to determine the sentiment of the article, extract entities, et cetera. It also tries to determine how relevant articles are and floats those results to the top.
  • Bot Framework
    Due to the increase in demand for virtual assistants, I have created a generic interface that bots can use to consume company data and services, regardless of the implementation technology.


  • Machine Learning
    It's a really exciting time for machine learning and there is a lot of hype in the technology sector. Working on ML projects is great fun, be it a side project at home or a product for work. I have been working on completing several online courses and try to stay up to date with the latest news. If you attended KDD this year you might have seen me there.
  • Gaming
    I am a passionate PC gamer, both of casual and competitive games. There is no set genre that I prefer, but I do tend to go for unique experiences over sequels. I've found gaming to be a great way to stay in touch with friends over the years as your physical location does not matter.
  • Multirotor FPV Racing
    FPV racing is an exhilarating hobby, though most of the time goes into planning out and assembling custom builds over racing. There are not many other hobbies that let you fly around at high speeds without risk to yourself!

Current Side Projects

  • VR Meetup
    I have been following VR technology for a while, but in recent years it has become viable as consumer technology. I run the Cambridge Virtual Reality Meetup group, which is a forum for local businesses and enthusiasts to talk about VR and any projects they are working on. I recently gave a speech on what we have been doing at my company with VR at Cambridge University's IFM building.
  • Security Camera Analysis
    There are a number of simple security cameras fixed to the outside of my house. Out of the box they only flag up movement, and even then it treats rain or a spider as movement, which is not very useful. I've been working on a project to use computer vision to detect when various entities are found within the video feed, be it people, animals, or cars. So if I'm out of the house, it can alert me when someone climbs the fence into the garden. I am planning to release this as an open source tool for others to use.

Send me an email at:

If you are in the Cambridge area then I also host the Cambridge Virtual Reality Meetup and attend other meetups in the area. There is a good chance you can see me at one of those.